Sarah Beth Morgan is
a dog mom currently
employed at Oddfellows
in Portland, OR. 


(But really, she's a designer / animator). Sarah Beth grew up in the magical, far-away Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where she was deprived of bacon, cable television, and the wonderful world of Target.

Without the average stimulants of an American 90s kid (Fresh Prince, Blockbuster, French Toast Crunch), she had to figure out her own way to cope. Naturally, she then began to film and put together "music videos" in iMovie. It was during the college search, that she finally decided to pursue her career in design. Four years later, through some enchanted twist of fate, Gentleman Scholar welcomed her with open arms. This is where she became a true illustrator and professional designer. 

After almost 3 years of L.A. sunshine (and wildfires!), she decided to move onto literal greener pastures in the PNW and join the talented folks at Oddfellows. She now lives and breathes design from her home in Portland with her husband Tyler

Press & Recognition.

Motion Awards: "Best New Talent 2016" / Vimeo Staff Picks
Motionographer / Animalators / Computer Arts / BallPitMag
MoGraph Mentor9 Squares / PromaxBDA  / ADDY Awards SCADDY Awards / Typostrate / Times Square 
Motionographer Quickies