sarah beth morgan



The Blend is Near!

Oh my goodness. This is one of the coolest projects I've worked on yet. And the most collaborative by far. It was an extremely bumpy ride, but it was worth it.

It all started at Oddfellows, back in November of 2016. It finished just a couple days before Blend at the end of May 2017. There were many lengthy brainstorm sessions involved. Ideation and concept took a very long time to nail down, since the ask was so open ended (our only challenge/starting point was to include the names of all the attendees). 

This was the first project I worked on that design ran so parallel to animation. Jay Quercia, Khylin Woodrow and I were changing colors and some small design tweaks even through the last few weeks. It was an amazing learning process (although the animators may hate us now).

The style is all owed to Jay and Khylin, with animation directed by Josh Parker. Even though my initial ideation frames didn't make it to the end, I feel so grateful to have worked on such a wonderful piece with my coworkers. 



Collaborative (Final) Frames

Some frames I worked on but did not have full ownership over. For the most part, Jay & Khylin worked on the beautiful layouts. I helped with coloring & details.



Process Frames

Frames that I worked on before they were in their final state. We went through a lot of color changes, so most of these came before our final color palette was decided on.

Rendered from an original sketch by  Khylin Woodrow .

Rendered from an original sketch by Khylin Woodrow.

Rendered from an original sketch by  Khylin Woodrow .

Rendered from an original sketch by Khylin Woodrow.

Exploration Frames

Some frames I played with before we decided on a final style.




Client: Wine After Coffee
Directed by: Oddfellows
Creative Direction: Chris Kelly, Josh Parker
Design Direction: Jay Quercia
Animation Direction: Josh Parker
Producer: Erica Kelly, TJ Kearney
Story: Josh Parker
Design: Jay Quercia, Khylin Woodrow,
Sarah Beth Hulver
Cel: Josh Parker, Stan Cameron, Khylin Woodrow,
Tyler Morgan, Kavan Magsoodi, Ben Ommundson,
Jordan Scott, Jay Quercia
2d Animation: Jordan Scott, Chris Kelly
3d Animation: Chris Kelly, Colin Trenter
Music and Sound: CypherAudio - John Black,
Tobias Norberg and Jeff Moberg